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Tuesday BOGO

The emotional oil blend line is awesome!

So for today only, you get a free Motivate Touch roller when you buy a Peace Touch roller!

Here’s the details about these two blends: PEACE & MOTIVATE


How do you do the BOGO?

Just log in to your doTERRA account and add the Peace Touch to your cart. The free Motivate Touch will automatically be added. 😉

If you don’t have an account yet, just click here: I want the BOGO!

Then click the “Join & Save” up at the top. You can either pay the $35 to become a wholesale customer and add the Peace Touch to your cart.

OR you can get a kit to waive the $35 fee (plus get a deeper discount) and then you’ll have a starter kit (for this month, they’re offering 20% discounts on kits!) to get you going on your journey to wellness. 🎉


Still have questions?

Shoot me a text or email or call here: Help!

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