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The Bomb

So you’re feeling that itchy feeling in your throat or the head fog of an impending disaster that’s on it’s way. Ugh. I used to dread that feeling and get so bummed that I’d be facing the next few days/weeks in bed or at least wishing I was there. Then everyone else in the house would catch it. There goes the month, especially with FIVE kids!

Enter The Bomb. 😉

Bomb pic.



Now we still catch some things, this isn’t a magic solution! But after using this bomb, we can cut down the time we’re sick and keep it from spreading to everyone else! Which is HUGE in a big family like ours. I love the fact that we are giving our bodies what they need to fight bugs the natural way without side effects and garbage going into our bodies. 🙂

My hubbie, myself, and my older kids that can swallow pills use this bomb internally. We just put the recipe above into an empty gel capsule and take with water! Easy peasy. If we catch the bug at the start, we just do a capsule first thing in the morning and then again at night. If it’s already in full force, we’ll take one every few hours until it’s gone. (Side note: don’t take just any essential oil internally….make sure you are using the very best! More about purity here: Purity is super important!)

For the younger kids, I’ll increase the recipe and put in a 10ml glass roll on bottle and top off with fractionated coconut oil and roll on the bottoms of their feet and on their spine. That works best since the hot oils are already diluted. 😉 (More about diluting….read Dilution.)

Now, once we started doing preventative care for building our immune systems, we noticed we hardly ever catch anything anymore. Such a peace of mind for this mama! If you want a peace of mind, as well….let me know!

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