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Let me introduce myself….I am a wife of 14 years and a mama to 6 blessings. 🙂

I began my quest to research health/food/medicines when my 3rd child was a toddler. The poor lil’ guy had all kinds of digestive issues and I felt led to research and see what I could find out. That opened to the door to ALL sorts of things! We did some major changes in our diet, which naturally led to taking charge of our own healthcare. I was fed up with all the recalls, the safety of cough syrups, the money spent on medicines that were filled with sugar and chemicals. Were they actually helping?! Wasn’t there an easier and more natural way? Sick of everything being filled with dyes and harmful side effects, I looked into natural remedies.

Alot of moms I knew were using herbs and so I researched them for myself. But managing a full household and homeschooling on top of it, I found that I did not have the time or desire to make tinctures/concoctions for each little thing. Frankly, it exhausted me.

In the fall of 2012, I stumbled upon a webinar that was posted on facebook about making over your bathroom cabinet with essential oils. I thought it was kinda weird (weren’t oils for scenting soaps?!), but I tuned in to listen.  I was blown away! Stepping out in faith, I threw out everything in our medicine cabinet. It was scary, to be honest. I grew up with traditional remedies for every cough, sneeze, and ache. I ordered a kit which had all the main popular oils and was so excited. My husband thought I was nuts and called me “the oil lady” when I would run to the oils for every scrape, burn, cough, etc. But I was testing them out and wanted to see the proof myself that these little bottles of oil were all they were supposed to be. Well, let me be 100% honest with you….they work!!! We used them to help our bodies fight everything from scrapes to sinus issues. I was amazed each time at how our bodies used these simple oils to help heal themselves. The beautiful thing I love about oils is that there is no overdosing, they are safe for my babies, no worry about side effects, and the peace of mind that I am doing the very best thing for my family.

My husband is a believer now, haha! And my kids come to me and ask for an oil when they’ve hurt themselves. I feel so empowered to not have to fork out hundreds of dollars to doctors and insurance companies for things I can take care of myself for pennies in the privacy of my own home. I am not against doctors in any way, but I believe that they are there to help as a last resort.

Living in this freedom was too good to keep to myself, so I started blabbing to my friends and anyone I came across. Now we’ve decided to go into business and spread the word on a bigger scale. It is so exciting to show others that they, too, can take charge of their own family’s health! Even though you may be skeptical at first (especially if you’ve never even heard of essential oils), I highly encourage you to learn and research for yourself. You will not be sorry that you did. 😉



2016 family picture

For fun, I asked my kiddos which oils were their favorite and I snapped a picture of them holding them.

adamMy oldest likes the grounding blend (spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense). It has a woodsy smell and is excellent for calming and for feeling more relaxed….and, well…grounded. 😉


My princess loves lavender! It is used for soooo many things, but she loves it on her chest at night. She says it helps relax her and she feels happy with it.


My spunky boy chose lemon. I use it a lot and he loves the pick-me-up scent. Funny that he chose this one, because it’s the oil to use to get marks of the wall and sticky stuff off of everything…hmm.


My little sweetheart is really sensitive and he loves the smell of wild orange. It fits because it’s also a pick-me-up citrus scent and when he’s feeling down, I’ll rub a drop on his chest and it perks him right up!





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