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Do you ever wish that you could be more in charge of your healthcare? More than being careful about the foods you eat? Are you overwhelmed by all the different choices for essential oils and supplements? Want to quit wasting money on supplements your body may not need?

There’s an answer! The iTOVi scanner


“The iTOVi Nutrition Tracker is a revolutionary, integrated system that incorporates advanced hardware, data science, API partners, and engaging applications.

Through an in-depth analysis, iTOVi is able to intelligently understand you, helping you make better choices to achieve your personal wellness goals.

Using its advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms, over time the iTOVi Nutrition Tracker collects and crunches your information. As past scores and data build, iTOVi’s proprietary systems get to know you. Customized results are then relayed to you in the form of easy to understand nutrition reports. Your nutrition. Personalized.”


Here’s a quick video describing what it does:

(If you want to read more about this, click on this: iTOVi )

Sometimes you know which oils to use for certain ailments either through common sense or looking it up in the The Essential Life book or any other oil reference book. BUT sometimes there are layering health issues that can confuse you as to what exactly is going on in your body. Especially in small children that can’t really talk well yet or don’t know what’s going on, just that they don’t feel good. 🙁

Well, I ended up buying one myself and tested it on my family and was SO impressed! Quick, easy, and so convenient to use. 🙂 Right on target for helping us figure out what our bodies were needing at the moment. This impressive piece of technology truly compliments our journey towards better health and wellness!



be healthy




Of course I don’t want to keep this just for ourselves…I want to help you and your loved ones as well:


For those of you that live in Salem, OR or surrounding areas (Silverton, Turner, Keizer, Sunnyside, Dallas, Woodburn, Monmouth, etc.)…..I am offering to scan you!


My current rates:

$10 per person 


$25 per family (Yes, I can scan anyone all the way down to babies! It only takes a minute to scan and I can hold it on any part of their skin, so it’s totally doable!)


FREE to anyone who joins my team 


Just call me at 541-870-9891 or leave a message here (it will get sent to my email).


Also, for those of you that just want to purchase your own iTOVi scanner so you can use it every day, here’s the link: I want my own scanner!

 Support for your healthy lifestyle is right around the corner….




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