Education Websites / Social Media


Here is a handy list of links to essential oil resources online and social media pages:


*Source to You = learn about the growers, distillers, scientists, and practitioners behind our oils. You can also enter the batch number on your own bottle of oil and read the GC/MS test results from an independent, verified third party lab!

*Science Blog = the latest research news, safety & physiology, weight loss & wellness, key topics, and more.

*YouTube videos = the science behind the oils, tips for using oils with cooking/cleaning/projects, physician’s panel, sourcing, and more.

*Living = the basics what essential oils are, how to use them, tips, and descriptions of each oil and oil blend.

*Product Blog = do it yourself (DIY), recipes, healthy living, and product spotlights.

*Essential Oil University = Dr. Robert Pappas provides a higher understanding of the science regarding the world of essential oils.

*Single oils = learn the specifics on each single oil.

*Oil blends = learn the specifics on each oil blend.

*Supplements = learn the specifics on supplements (that include essential oils) for wellness, digestive health, bone health, children, and more.

*Personal care = learn the specifics on the body, skin, and hair care products.

*Accessories = diffusers, unscented lotion (to add essential oils to), fractionated coconut oil, wooden boxes, keychains (for mini oil bottles), oil cap stickers, veggie caps, product literature, and business literature.