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DIY Toxin Free Cleaners


Okay, I know there’s TONS of DIY things online and I admit, I ignore a lot of them. 😏

Honestly, I just don’t have time since I’m chasing around my 6 kids, homeschooling, and helping people with essential oils.

BUT, I made the time (it actually was quite painless) for this. I’m passionate about using the oils and after learning about what’s in the cleaning supplies and how we’re all breathing it in on a regular basis…..yeeeah. We may not have power over the toxins outside of our homes, but we do have the ability to clean out the junk IN our homes! 💪

Thanks to amazon prime ❤, I received my wool dryer balls, glass shaker bottles, and glass spray bottles in two days!

Then it just took about 15 minutes tops, to make all of these. Easy, peasy. Then I threw them all in a tote and I’m good to go for weeks! 🎉

You can do it, too!

Here’s the recipes:


  1. Carpet deodorizer: you don’t have to use this every time you vacuum, but it’s great to freshen it up and remove odors. Sprinkle and let sit a couple hours or overnight, then vacuum.



2. Glass cleaner: shake and spray!



3. Wood polish: shake, spray, and wipe with cloth!




4. Bathroom cleaner: put the vinegar in the spray bottle, then add the other ingredients to the shaker bottle. Start with the toilet first by shaking the ingredients all over the toilet and spray with vinegar and let sit a few minutes. Then do the same on the tub and sink. Clean with rag/brush/sponge as usual.




5. “Bleach”: a great alternative to the respiratory irritant (among other things) of chlorine.




6. Wool dryer balls: replace the chemical laden dryer sheets with natural wool dryer balls! They also cut down on your drying time, too, so it’s easier on your power bill. Add a few drops of your fave oil the last 10 minutes of drying time.




7. Stain stick: use the On Guard cleaner concentrate (straight…no dilution) in a roller bottle for easy use.




8. All purpose spray: just follow the directions on how much to use with water for a spray that you can use to clean anything!



So there you have it. Eliminating harmful fumes and toxins in your home just became a whole lot easier! And safer! And cheaper! 



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