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BOGO week!


Yay! doTERRA is doing another BOGO week, starting today! 😊

Here is the deal that’s good only for today:


OnGuard = great for immune system, diffuse, use for throat and teeth, add a drop to your feet/back of neck each day to boost immunity, add to lemon/oregano/melaleuca/frank in a roller or gel capsule as a “bomb”, add 20 drops to a 15ml spray bottle with fco for hand spray when out and about, etc.

Breathe = great for respiratory system, diffuse, rub on back of neck and chest, opens airways, opens sinuses, etc.


How do you do the BOGO?

Just log in to your doTERRA account and add the OnGuard to your cart. The free Breathe will automatically be added. 😉

If you don’t have an account yet, just click here: I want the BOGO!

Then click the “Join & Save” up at the top. You can either pay the $35 to become a wholesale customer and add the OnGuard to your cart.

OR you can get a kit to waive the $35 fee (plus get a deeper discount) and then you’ll have a starter kit (for this month, they’re offering 20% discounts on kits!) to get you going on your journey to wellness. 🎉


Still have questions?

Shoot me a text or email or call here: Help!

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